Marks Tey - Bures - Sudbury
Rail Line (2018)

Request Stop
All trains from Marks Tey to Sudbury (1001 to 2301) no longer stop at Bures unless requested
All trains from Sudbury to Marks Tey (1026 t0 2326) no longer stop at Bures unless requested

But the service will stop at Chappel throughout the day
Considering Chapel is only busy when the Museum is open, its ridiculous for the service to stop as the likelyhood of passengers getting on/off is extremely small

Chappel should be the request stop not Bures

Secondly, all the times I have travelled from Marks Tey to Bures, the Conductor has never ventured into the carriages to collect or check tickets from the passengers
So how are you supposed to inform him, that you wish to alight at Bures.