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Serving the communities of Bures St Mary and Bures Hamlet


The Scowen family in Bures



Charles Scowen - self portrait

Charles T Scowen Time line

(a)Charles born 1852, Islington. Middlesex.
(b) Marriage record indicate Charles married Anne Eliza Gane at Sudbury during the last quarter of 1873. He would have been 21yrs
(c)On the 1911 Census, Charles appears with his wife Ann Eliza Scowen and is listed as a 'Retired Tea Planter'. Their address at this time is listed only as "Bungalow, Bures".
(d) However Kellys Directory in 1908 and 1912 lists Charles living at Prospect Cottage ( see above map)
(e) Kellys Directory for 1916 to 1917 shows no trace of Charles, was he abroad ??
(f) Kellys Directory for 1922 shows an entry for Charles but no address (
was he at High View ?)
(g) Kellys Directory lists Charles from 1925 - 1937 living at High View, Bures ( I have no records after 1937)}
(h) Charles Died 24th November 1948
He left £8,855 14s. gross, £8,778 15s. 7d. net value.

Wife:- Anne Eliza Scowen (nee Gane)
Born 1851/2 Hornsey, Middsx
Baptismal record dated 1860 in Tottenham
Married 1873 to Charles
Died 20th January 1933 registered in Sudbury

Extract from London Gazette, 3rd December 1948

Agnes Diggins and Mabel Wilson were both housekeepers to Charles.
Mabel lived in the Planters, whilst Agnes lived next door in their own cottage ( now refurbished as St Edmunds House)
Estate value £8855.14s

Memorial in Bures cemetery.

Mortimer Scowen
Time Line
Born 1862 at South Hornsey, Middsx
As mentioned above, Mortimer took over the Ceylon business from Charles circa 1890

Mortimers Travels

Travels on the Liner "Moldavia" from London to Cola, Ceylon on 3rd July 1926
Living at Hill View, presumably with Charles his brother
Listed as Planter

Travels on the Liner "Mashobra" from Calcutta to London 3rd December 1926
Now living at Thorpe-le-Soken

Travels on the Liner "Jervis Bay from Colombo to Hull 8th July 1931

Records indicate that Mortimer on 12th September 1887 joined the Leinster Lodge of the Freemasons in Colomobo, Ceylon
Although he joined in 1887, the Lodge was only established a year earlier in 1886 meeting at the Victoria Masonic Temple.

When he returned from Ceylon (possibly 1931) he may have gone to live at Stoke by Nayland
Died May 1935 aged 72, buried in Bures Cemetery, near to the other Scowen graves, 3rd May 1935
Burial records list Mortimer as "Gentleman from Stoke" with no other details

Thomas Layzell Scowen ( father of Charles and Mortimer)

Charles father was Thomas Layzell Scowen - successful inventor and engineer that developed coach canopy systems for the Queen in London.

Thomas married Mary Anne Holton and they lived in Southwark, London. Occupation Cabinet Maker
1861 Census indicates four children - Charles, Arthur, Sarah and Alice
1871 Census indicates six children - Charles, Arthur, Mortimer, Sydney, James and Alice
1887 Thomas now appears in Islington Workhouse

Thomas, was actually first to run the ale house at White Horse in 1841ite Horse Public House

Courtesy of Greg Scowen

Genealogy of the Scowen family in Bures


1841-John and Sarah Elleston or Thomas and Susannah Scowan
(1841 Census not that clear)
1841 Thomas Scowen (Beerhouse)
1844 Thomas Scowen (Beerhouse)
1851 William Scowen age 40 years (Beerhouse)
1855 William Scowen Beerhouse)
1861 William Scowen age 51 years (Beerhouse)
1865 William Scowen Beerhouse)
1869 William Scowen Beerhouse)
1871 William Scowen age 60year, (Beerhouse)
See Occupied the White Horse Public House

Thomas Scowen (b1776) and Susan Lazell (B1775)
James born Bures b1797 -d1869
and Thomas

Thomas Scowen (1776 – 1845) and Susan Norman (1774 – 1853)
Thomas in 1841 was at the White Horse
Two children ( or more) William(b1811) and James


William (1811- )

In 1851 William was the Inn Keeper
at the White Horse Public House
Census shows his wife as Ann (1812 - )
with children Ann & Jessey

The 1861/71 Census still shows William as Inn Keeper
but this time with wife Mary ( 1819 - )


Child 2

James Scowen (1797 – 1869) and Jemima Layzell (1798 – 1859)

James born and buried in Bures

Son Thomas see below


Thomas Layzell Scowen (1819 - 1893) and Mary Holton (1823 - )

Children :
Son Charles b1852 (who eventually lived at the Planters)
Arthur D b1854
Mortimer b1862 see above
Sydary b1864
James E b1855
Alice b1859
Esther b1856

Charles Scowen, (1852 - 1948) and Eliza Ann Gane (d 1933)
Charles born Albion Rd, Islington before moving to Bures
Charles lived in "High View/Planters"

The Scowen family tree is very complex, consequently I have only shown two family lines.
Family Tree web page now transferred to Facebook
Look at this link for further information

I mentioned above that Mortimer after returning from Ceylon, went to live at Stoke.
This text sheds some light with other family members to the east of Bures.

We have often wondered if his family (going back a few years) was related to another branch of the Scowens, a group that predominantly come from Stoke and Boxford (and Polstead etc).
With Mortimer being at Stoke in his later life, this confirms the connection between the two families

Just out of Stoke, to the South East, is a Hamlet called Thorington St. Thorington Hall is on the corner of Mill Lane and down Mill Lane is an old Water Mill. This was the mill and home of Walter Scowen. Over the river, is Waylands farm, which was run by his brother. Walter was part of a sad triple tragedy that panned out over a number of years. One day, at nearby Tendring Hall Farm (Tendring Hall is gone but the farm is still there), his young son, Harry, was run over by his mill cart and killed while he was unloading the cart.
Years later, Walter tried a few times to kill himself with slitting wrists and the like until he finally succeeded in a joint effort on wrists and drowning in the mill pond. He was found by another son. That son later drowned himself at Clacton.
I guess that the second two couldn't live with what they had witnessed earlier.

There are three or four main lines of Scowens that were all concentrated in the area around Bures, Boxford and Stoke. Many millers and ag labourers. Quite a few publicans too. A lot of the family drifted into Essex over the years too. Some branches did very well for themselves and became respected in their communities. Others ended up in the workhouse and/or on prison hulks. A few were transported to Australia and started two branches there... and one of the millers tried his luck in NZ and although he returned to the UK to work a mill in Bedfordshire, two of his sons returned to NZ and started my branch.

In the NZ town I was born (Nelson) there is a nearby village (now a town itself) with the name Stoke. The main road running through is Nayland Road, a name share by schools and more. The bell in the church was brought over from the Stoke-by-Nayland church.

Reference Greg Scowen, Switzerland


Charles Scowens Servant Edith Bower.

During the 1911 Census, records indicate that Charles Scowen had an unmarried 25-year old live-in servant named Edith Bower.
Charles Scowen's local obituary says he built 'Hill View' with the help of one 'boy', Charlie Bower. It took 3 years
So I think its safe to assume that Edith and Charlie were brother an sister

Ediths mother was Emma Bower who Married Ezra Bower d1896 ( not to be confused with Ezra below)

Mary Handley née Anderson may possibly have been the daughter of Edith Bower.
Mary simply took on her mothers name as a middle name so she was Mary Edith Bower Handley (née Anderson). Was Mary born out of wedlock as Edith Bower is still single in 1911 (census) and Mary was born in 1926?

Mary Edith Bower Anderson (d2014)married Denis Handley
Mary lived out her final years, in the Eves Orchard bungalows.

Her brother Edward (Ezra) Anderson (d2011)lived on his own in a bungalow next to the Planters in St Edmunds Lane

Possibly, both Mary Handley's brother, Ezra, and her uncle, Charlie Bower helped Scowen with building but it must have been at different times. So all of these people are connected to the Scowens, as they were all relatives of the Scowen's servant,

Reference Ken Jacobson
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