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For many years, Stewart and Wendy Malcolm were enthusiastic ramblers. In 2000 Stewart decided, with the help of local artist, Roger Malby to log six of his walks with accompanying maps and to obtain finance to publish.

The walks are local to Bures and take in some of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us and that often we fail to fully appreciate. They vary in distance and none are strenuous except maybe 'Le Grand Tour de Bures ', a 19 mile challenge. Some of you might have already attempted these walks and we commend you, while others, new to our village, may just need a prompt to get started and hopefully this is it.

Sadly last year Stewart and Wendy died but we know that they would be very satisfied to know that their efforts might lead to even more people gaining pleasure from living is such a beautiful place. You can now use the links to download these walks and save to your tablet or smartphone and please do.

It just remains for us to say on behalf of Stewart and Wendy,
"Let's get walking!"
Alan Beales and John Evans





Walk 1, 7.8 km
Stour valley, Lamarsh Hal, Moat Farm, Alphamstone, Longspring Wood and Hill Farm.

Walk 2, 11.5 km
Horne's Green, Daws Cross, Loveney's Farm, Morning Dawn and Baker's Hall

Walk 3, 5.8 km
Baker's Hall, Hobbs Well, Mount Bures Church, Peartree Hill and Bures Mill.

Walk 4, 9.9 km
Baker's Hall, Hobbs Well, Josselyn's,
Wormingford Hall Smallbridge Hall Farm.

Walk 5, 6.5 km
Smallbridge Hall Farm, Over Hall Farm, Arger Fen, Gazley Gate, Moat Farm and Fysh House.

Walk 6, 10.4 km
Fysh House Farm, Moat Farm, Tiger Hill Wood, Chestnut Grove, Dorking Tye, Corn Hall and Bures Green.

Walk 7 Le Grand Tour de Bures. 30.5 km

You can download the electronic versions of these walks.
The download is a pdf file, which includes the appropriate map.

This page contains the itineraries for six circular walks around Bures. All the walks start either from, the village hall or the station carpark.
The shortest -walk is 5.8 km and. will take about 1.5 hours and. the longest is 11.5 km taking about 3.25 hours. In addition there is a much longer walk (30.5 km) again starting and finishing in Bures but which will take the best part of a day. I have called this "Le Grand Tour de Bures".
Each -walk, excepting "Le Grand Tour de Bures", is accompanied by its own separate map. The GTB is made up from parts of all the other -walks and two connecting sections and so the route can be followed at each stage using the appropriate map. In addition all the walks can be found on the Ordnance Survey map Pathfinder 1O52 Halstead and Nayland.

The walks are for the most part on public footpaths although occasionally, in order to connect paths, it is necessary to take to roads, mostly minor. Some paths may be quite rough or muddy underfoot and it is advisable to wear sturdy boots or shoes. In summer nettles are abundant so shorts are not recommended unless you have particularly thick skin!

I should like to extend my thanks to both Essex and Suffolk County Councils and their Parish Paths Partnership schemes for their advice and support in preparing this booklet. I am also particularly grateful to Roger Malby for the accompanying maps and illustrations. Lastly I am indebted to those trusting friends -who tested the -walks before they -were committed to print!
I have done my best to ensure that this guide is both clear and accurate nevertheless I shall be grateful to receive any comments and observations that might improve future editions.
Finally, the objective of this booklet is to encourage the use of the many footpaths around Bures. I hope that it -will be of value both to its residents and to walkers and ramblers from further afield.
Good -walking!

Stewart Malcolm