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To keep the web site impartial we not to advertise commercial or profit making enterprises,
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We do not advertise those organisations in the village which publish their own web site, except sponsors.
Small line advertisements are offered only where space permits, to those organisations who have extremely low funds.
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If you have any comments, corrections or additional material for this web site then use the form below.

Enquiries to organisations in the village such as "Bures Music Festival" should be directed via their own web sites.
We do not duplicate information that is currently published by other web sites in the village.


Unfortunately, due to the high volume of genealogy enquiries received,
I can no longer enter into any lenghty correspondence concerning individuals in the village, past or present.
A small minority of people have tied me up for hours on their enquiries,
then when I forward the results they dont even have the courtesy to reply.

Make use of the on-line Message Board, this will most probably bring you an answer.
Several residents in the village check this board on a regular basis.

However, if you have any information on persons living or deceased in the community which
could be additions or amendments to the web site, then I would appreciate hearing from you.


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