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Hugh Turner`s Collection of Local Walks

Hugh and Caroline


Thank you for you interest in my selection of walks and trails, they have been written to meet the needs of Bures residents to wish to walk or cycle from home as their daily permitted exercise outing during Coronavirus restrictions.

The walking routes may include sections of road, byway, and bridleway, but all are based mainly on footpaths, on which cycling or horse-riding is not permitted, so please only follow the walking routes on foot. I have provided at least one 10k cycle trail suggestion, and maybe more later.

Covid Restrictions:-
On any route please be very aware of the required "social distancing", and keep at least two metres away from anyone who is not from your own household. This may mean waiting at a proper distance while others cross stiles or bridges or pass through gates or narrow sections of path. For all our sakes please be patient and sensible.

Please also be aware of others who may wish to walk (or run) faster than you. If someone seems to be catching you up, please wait in the next appropriate space and let them pass. If people are approaching from the other direction, keep as far to one side of the path as you can so they can pass on the other. Stopping to pass the time of day is probably fine, but at a sensible distance!

Do be aware that any surface may harbour the virus, so try not to touch gates, stiles, hand-rails, benches etc. with your bare hands. Either wear gloves, or use your covered forearm. If you do have to touch such surfaces with your hands be sure to wash them thoroughly as soon as you return home.

It now appears that pets can become infected with the virus, so avoid petting other people's animals, and, if you are walking a dog, be sure to keep your pet under close control so that it cannot approach other walkers. Thank you

I prefer paper maps and find this one really useful for local walking: OS Explorer 196 Sudbury, Hadleigh & Dedham Vale, but OS maps can also be downloaded as a phone app.
However, the directions I provide should be sufficient in themselves, without the need for a map.
Just bear in mind that they have been written by a left-handed dyslexic!
Hugh Turner

To download the individual walks, click on the pdf icon.

Hugh suggests that local walks can benefit more than just lungs and muscles.
The thoughts he shares in his free booklet 'Quiet Walking' encourage the nourishment of mind and spirit too, much needed during these challenging times.
You can download the PDF here.
Bures Walks History and Mystery
Bures Circular Walks and Cycle Trails
Bures Walks 1: Bures to Arger Fen Round Walk - about 8k
Bures Walks 2: Up the Valley to Lamarsh; up the Hill to Bumbies - about 6k
Bures Walks 3: The Ravensfield Round - about 7k
Bures Walks 4: Lower and Upper Mount Bures - about 7k
Bures Walks 5: Windwhistle Ridge - about 4k.
Bures Walks 6: Shorter Mount Bures Round - about 4k
Bures Walks 7: A Gentle Stroll around Bures St Mary - about 3k
Bures Walks 8: Lodge Hills, out through Suffolk, Home through Essex - about 7k
Bures Walks 9: King & Dragon; Moat & Monkey - about 5k
Bures Walk 10: Two walking routes between Bures and Pebmarsh Bures Cycle & Riding Trail -10k, for walkers too

It`s recommended you follow the walks in conjunction with the OS Explorer Map, No196.

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Published 13/01/2021