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Proposed New Development at Ferriers
March 2023 , Increase Dwellings from 3 to 5

This outline application seeks approval for the residential conversion of these substantial brick disused farm buildings,
to provide 5 dwellings generally within the footprint of the existing structures.


The original application for three Dwellings

Vehicle parking:- Seven spaces for vehicles and twelve spaces for cycles

March 2023, revised application for five Dwellings and ten vehicles.

Published 24/03/2023
This information is in the Public Domain on the BDC web site
Planning Application 23/00834/COUPA

Decision Issued Date -Thurs 25 May 2023
Full Planning Permission Required for the change of use of these Agricultural Buildings.

The Applicant issued a statement that Ferriers Farm Barns were not in agricultural use on or before the 20th March, 2013
They would then qualify for a Class Q Development (Residential use)

The was disputed by numerous local residents who could prove this assumption was incorrect