Bungle Ho

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Bungle Ho

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Dear Folk of Mount Bures
My parents names were Anne Theresa Lynch and Victor Nelson Oxford (Lindsay)

I was born in Mount Bures in 1964 a spent my childhood there. I used to play in the corn fields and make houses with the square bales and I live with my parents in a small bungalow - called Bungle Ho. My father bred rabbits not to the liking of local farmers naturally he was also a driver for Chambers buses and Parnells Buses and also Theobalds and Moores Buses. My mother worked at the Lucas Factory. My simple question or request does anyone have a photo of the bungalow which now has two red brick house on not far from the post box.

I do believe that some of the Cedar wood that clad the bungalow was used to former summer house in the neighbouring gardens. I also recall two Gipsy style caravans one restored and another awaiting a patient restorer to take the project on.
The Bungalow was I believe condemned after the war however my mother purchased it from the the Farmer just past the Church, it only had two rooms and a side entrance with an oval glass panel at head height in the door. Later allegedly sold to Chambers of the bus company fame.

I did once a time quite some time ago visit and by chance bumped into Ida Mc Masters who I understand has been awarded the OBE and well deserved. We had a brief chat as she was posting a letter and later I received a letter from here, about the flower festival, which I visited together, I also had my photo taken with the Mount Bures sign and the post mistress' red gypsy caravan, a truly memorable visit.
I do not know if the triggers any memories with present village folk - if so I would be delighted to hear from you.
Kindest regards

Richard Lindsay (Oxford) now in enjoying exile in France.
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Re: Bungle Ho

Post by ida »

After the war, my brother-in-law David McMaster operated a large business, manufacturing (for pigs) sheds which was located at The Hall next door to the Church.
David built this cottage for one of his workers by the name of Sam Peck. It was off a very basic construction.

David McMaster died and the business was then run by my husband Bill Mcmaster.
When the business closed, the property was sold you your parents the "Lindasay`s"
When your parents moved out it was then purchased by the Mr and Mrs Patterson.
Mr Patterson met an untimely death by having a heart attack in The Thatchers PH just up the road

Mrs Patterson decided to move and the Bungle-Ho was demolished and made way for a new house
In reality two identical houses were constructed, another on the adjacent building plot next door.
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Re: Bungle Ho

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Sam & Sophie Peck were my great aunt and uncle, spent quite a lot of time there when I was small in the late 1940/1950 as my other aunt & uncle lived just up the road in
5 Boadicea Cottages her name was Nora & Tom Clampin
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