Mrs St Osyth Wood or Great Aunt O by her god child Viginia C

Thomas Wood was a great benefactor to the village and a composer. He wrote the music to "Waltzing Matilda"
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Mrs St Osyth Wood or Great Aunt O by her god child Viginia C

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My name is Virginia Campion Ne Smalley
and I wanted to say how delighted i WAS TO FIND SUCH A WONDERFUL SITE with so much about my Aunt O . The wonderful lady was my Godmother as she was my Uncle Chris Swans and my Mother Meriel Swan ne Campion. She was our protector and benefactor . We had no knowledge of your site and found it when trying to locate some of her work. I have one or two wonderful examples of her work and I am tying to find the model village she made. I rememberr it went to a museum but i DO NOT KNOW WHICH. Does any one know where her portrait is hanging I would love to see it.
I remember when she was in her las years of life she taught herself Welsh "To keep my brain active"

Wonderful enjoyed everythng oh and I remember ALFRED WHEN i WAS LITTLE.
Virginia Smalley posted 22.01.10

Admin:- the "Model House" is on display at the Braintree Museum
also images available on this web site

There is now a considerable amount of information on Mrs Wood on this web site
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