Austin Family

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Austin Family

Post by David »

Hello my name is David Daniels
My mother’s name before marriage was Edith Austin she lived with her parents, my grandparents at 34 Nayland Road, Bures,

I spent many summer holidays in Bures playing with David Leyland on his dad’s farm Bures Hall also with Lawrence Block; I spent a very short time at Bures School once when my Nan was ill as my mum looked after her.

I also spent a lot of time with my aunt at Mount Bures her name was Nora Clampin she lived at 5 Boadicea Cottage at the top of Craggs Hill I also had a great ant Sophie & uncle Sam at Mount Bures he worked for David McMaster on the poultry side of their farm and lived in a wooden home with a corrugated tin roof, (there are now 2 Houses on that spot as you leave the village heading towards the Teachers Arms Pub).

If anybody can help with information on my mother’s family I would be grateful , my mum had 3 brothers & 1 sister, the sister was Nora the boys were Albert (nickname Ticker) Robert (Bob) the third I cannot rember.

My Nan Minnie Austin died 11th June 1957 my Granddad Walter died when I was a baby not sure when.

Many Thanks David Daniels : :
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Post by Rob »

here we go with some info about your grandparents:

George Walter Austin born Q2 1880 Assington
Minnie Evelyn Cardy born Q1 1885 Sudbury district

George & Minnie married Q4 1911 Sudbury district.

Albert G. Austin born Q1 1913
Edie G. Austin born Q1 1915
Nora M. Austin born Q1 1921
(all Sudbury sign of Robert Austin)

1881 Census:
Primrose Hill (Marshalls Green),Assington.

George Austin (56) Head b.Assington Ag Lab
George Austin (23) Head b.Assington Ag Lab
Emma Austin (23) Wife b.Assington
Emm Austin (3) Daughter b.Assington
Walter G. Austin (1) b.Assington.

In 1891 my gt gt grandfather,George 'Quark' Baker was living on Primrose Hill would be a small world if it was in the very same cottage as there appears to be no more than two or three properties with the Primrose Hill address.

Hope this info is of help? :)
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Post by Rob »

Your great grandparents appear to have been:

George Austin & Emma Smith who married Q4 1877 Sudbury district.

Emma was born Q4 1857 Sudbury district.
Re: George, I can't find a birth registration in the Sudbury area but there is one for Depwade in Q4 1857.
This conveniently fits date wise (see 1881 census) but it might not be him.
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Re: Austin Family

Post by Wendy »

This is an old post not sure you will get this I have a photo of you David as a baby my dad Bert was one of your mums brothers
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Re: Austin Family

Post by alan »

I have spoken to a family in Mount Bures, who have lived there all their lives about the Austin family
Here is part of the reply:-
We cannot remember Edith Austin or her son David but we did know all the rest, cannot help with Edith.
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Re: Austin Family

Post by ddaniels »

This could be because she was know as Edie Austin this spelling has lead me a right dance.
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