Mrs St Osyth Wood's embroidery

Thomas Wood was a great benefactor to the village and a composer. He wrote the music to "Waltzing Matilda"
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Mrs St Osyth Wood's embroidery

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I am interested in making contact with whoever owns the images of Mrs St Osyth Wood as I am currently writing an article on her embroidery which is in the Embroiderers' Guild Collection, currently housed at Hampton Court Palace. The article will be for the Guild's bimonthly publication Stitch. One of the items I will mention is the embroidered box which is illustrated on the website in the picture St Osyth inside Parsonage Hall. I would be interested to know who has the copyright of this image, and the one of Mrs St Osyth Wood at her embroidery frame, and would it be possible to include these images in my article. Many thanks.
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Re: Mrs St Osyth Wood's embroidery

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This question has been resolved.
The webmaster of this site is the owner of the images and Mrs Berry informed.
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