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Richard Newton and the ship "confidence"

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:33 pm
Looking for information on a Richard Newton, born on/about January 18, 1590, in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. He was married to a Ann(a) or Hannah Locker about 1640 in the Church Bures St. Mary. He immigrated to the United States about 1638. There are really two mysteries concerning Richard. One, who was his father and mother? No one seems to know for sure. For some reason there appears to be lost records of the years close to when Richard was born/baptised. Some say his father was named Isaac and his mothers name was 'Thankful' or 'Thanks'. Would appreciate any information in regards to Richard. Two, Richard was said to arrive in the U.S. aboard a ship called the 'Confidence', but according to manifests his name is not listed. Although other members of the ships manifest include people who were given the same land grant and lived in homes close to where Richard lived, the mystery remains unsolved. Many relatives of 'Newtons' living in the US. have attempted to find the answer to these questions but so far no one has the answers. Any information/help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone can put me in touch with someone that would be of help that would be great. Thank you, ABBY