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Facts about the Bures web sites
Jan 2019

Number of local jpg pictures taken since 2000 = 9,580
Donated 35mm BW slides = 1324
Donated 35mm water painting slides = 160
Misc B&W original postcards = 45
TOTAL jpg/tiff files = 11,109

Documents such as pdf files = 445


Number of WW2 documents ( reports/invoices/booklets) = 1157
(1) One Single donation amounted to 473 documents
(2) Mount Bures Historian, a legacy of 232 documents
(3) Furthest donation of WW2 material, arrived from Florida from father of local Home Guard Soldier

Number of WW1 research documents = 697

4 local web sites
no of pages per site

Bures-online.co.uk =300+ pages, if you include the photograph Album pages this increases to 650 page
Bures.me.uk = 102(War in Bures)
Mount-bures.co.uk = 234 Including Photo album pages
Bures.org.uk = 64 Details the life of Dr Thomas Wood and St Osyth Wood
Total number of topics covered on the Mount Bures web site =90
Total number of topics covered on the Bures-online web site = 246
Message Board
Total number of members = 200
Number of topics posted = 150
Number of Member posts = 475
Registered Members from overseas = 97%
Registered Members from within UK =3%
Date taken ( 22.08.2021)

Residents who either lived in Bures or have a connection to the village, have contacted me from:
New Zealand
USA and Canada
South Africa

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